Joey Bada$$ - Let It Breathe (Official Video)

20 sty 2021
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Official video for "Let It Breathe" by Joey Bada$$.
Pro Era Varsity Jacket:
Pro Era Varsity Hat:
Directed By - Levi Turner, Waqas Ghani & Joey Bada$$
Camera Operators - Collin N. Walsh, Levi Turner & Waqas Ghani
Edited By - Levi Turner, Waqas Ghani & Joey Bada$$
Colorist - Collin N. Walsh
Aviation -
Produced By Statik Selektah
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  • Feels like 90s again

    Stereo FlavaStereo Flava10 godzin temu

    TheKidAdenTheKidAden16 godzin temu
  • I rap better than him and everyone else. I am the goat.

    That One Transgender GuyThat One Transgender GuyDzień temu
  • Badmon

    Stephanie LambStephanie Lamb2 dni temu
  • spotify pls bro

    LautateeLautatee2 dni temu
  • Good car choice. I'm glad you weren't a sheep and got a Lamborghini 😅

    Halen KnightHalen Knight2 dni temu
  • ❤️❤️🇹🇭🔥🤘🏻🙏🏻

    Stick ManStick Man2 dni temu
  • Goat

    Sven KasprzykSven Kasprzyk2 dni temu
  • Seeing this man grow since 2012 is crazy, rip steez

    Very Rare AntVery Rare Ant3 dni temu
  • Why is this not on Spotify is the real question

    Aaron singerAaron singer3 dni temu
  • Why isn’t this on Apple Music

    Sin TötenSin Töten3 dni temu

    Celso De La PeñaCelso De La Peña4 dni temu
  • “put my picture in the Dictionary next to legendary.”

    ShennShenn4 dni temu
  • I LUV U BADA$$

    thaastoner420 _.thaastoner420 _.4 dni temu
  • Dam been waiting for Joey

    Dawson KuloloiaDawson Kuloloia4 dni temu
  • Why isn’t this on Apple Music???

    Amanjot SinghAmanjot Singh5 dni temu
  • we need the album bro

    ja vlaja vla5 dni temu
  • *track ends me: let me breathe

    Turlan ShamayevTurlan Shamayev5 dni temu
  • GangGang

  • Waiting for that album man, been too long.

    Chaz MeserveChaz Meserve7 dni temu
  • Joey badass's car taste is next-level like his music

    P MOP MO7 dni temu
  • Let's celebrate life! You are an amazing artist Joey Badass 🙏

    Rachel ToyRachel Toy8 dni temu
  • 47 Shit, Love From South Africa🇿🇦🌍

    KutloKutlo8 dni temu
  • I respect Joey but for me this beat was already used and killed by skyzoo and Apollo brown. Wish he would have used another beat.

    ErnielikesErnielikes8 dni temu
  • yeah well i‘m still waiting for this to be put on spotify

    not younot you8 dni temu
  • goated

    Jay JohnsonJay Johnson8 dni temu
  • hard

    Jay JohnsonJay Johnson8 dni temu
  • I respect my culture. Church.

    ZaciahZaciah8 dni temu
  • This song made me get sound cloud

    SkyFlierSkyFlier9 dni temu
  • Dood idk how everyone else feels but I need some new joey fasho. Times is fucked up..

    ahfa khuuahfa khuu9 dni temu
  • So organic!

    Felicio AvelinoFelicio Avelino10 dni temu
  • Future me how it is

    Ayoub Meddah2006Ayoub Meddah200611 dni temu
    • Not that bad but still wouldn’t listen it it’s not banging like righteous minds

      Ayoub Meddah2006Ayoub Meddah200611 dni temu

    PrettyBoy Joseph9PrettyBoy Joseph911 dni temu
  • Is that Steez on his neck??

    TheCrystalOneTheCrystalOne11 dni temu
    • Yep

      Mufunwa MudauMufunwa Mudau7 dni temu
  • Put this shit on deezer man 🔥🔥

    Luis FelipeLuis Felipe12 dni temu
  • Much love and nuff respect for Joey. Fuck The World In Doggystyle. I like that. HAHAHA

    Kriss CruxialKriss Cruxial12 dni temu
  • I've probably played this 100 times..i'm not kidding

    Shea StevensShea Stevens12 dni temu
  • I got this feeling that Joey Bada$$ is gonna release his best body of work, put him in GOAT status type shit

    Naseem ShahNaseem Shah13 dni temu
  • He use these same bars on legendary featuring J. Cole

    Msft BriMsft Bri13 dni temu
  • Been 4 years since the last album and this just let's me know the wait will all be worth it. 🔥🔥🔥

    Leano LeotwaneLeano Leotwane13 dni temu
  • 47

    AjAj13 dni temu
  • Looks like a 2007 music video

    Cool PupCool Pup13 dni temu
  • Im gonna do a vid for this 👏

    The CommissionerThe Commissioner13 dni temu
  • I've been meditating on song since my gal put me love 🔥🔥🔥

    CCaptain JackCCaptain Jack13 dni temu
  • 💯💯💯💯 I want to see more

    KennyEntertainmentProductionsKennyEntertainmentProductions14 dni temu
  • Joey bad ass I’m always going to think you’re fine I would like another song

    Crystal GarciaCrystal Garcia14 dni temu
  • Ive been following joey since his classic “1999” mixtape when i was in 6th grade, Joey badass is truly one of the greatest rappers from this era...RIP steelo

    Laflare 47Laflare 4714 dni temu
  • roc marci vibe

    T MillT Mill15 dni temu
  • You butchered this one b! 🪓🪓

    EDGEDG15 dni temu
  • Please drop the brand new 911 song dawg

    Naledi GongxekaNaledi Gongxeka15 dni temu
  • Why are rappers like him so underated

    SouthSide ProductionsSouthSide Productions15 dni temu
  • He could be like drake but wanna be hood

    William RiveraWilliam Rivera16 dni temu
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Logical RhymezLogical Rhymez16 dni temu
  • This dude give me hope for the future of this craft. Like a fine wine, just gets better with time. That GT3RS, tho!

    Neil PNeil P16 dni temu
  • fiyaaaaaaaaa

  • Such a dope video/track. Can’t wait for his next project!🔥🙌🏾

    King MoeKing Moe17 dni temu
  • put this shit on apple music bro

    MsDMsD18 dni temu
  • He will go down as a underrated legend

    Marc BenitezMarc Benitez18 dni temu
  • still waiting for this gem to drop on spotify

    Iso CarlanderIso Carlander18 dni temu

    edvards テ佳隠edvards テ佳隠18 dni temu
  • Legendary rhymes 🙏

    Asap ForeverAsap Forever18 dni temu
  • The first bit of the song sounds like a intro to a comedy show

    Noah MorrisonNoah Morrison18 dni temu
  • 🏁🖤❤️🏴

    Real DReal D19 dni temu
  • Bocaseca's song is much better

    Alina BabanAlina Baban19 dni temu
  • i need this on spotify ONTHESAP

    VandalVandal20 dni temu
  • That intro scared me lmao

    cardfreak05cardfreak0520 dni temu
  • Dammit I was gonna use that bassline!! Props to statik selekta👌

    Random GuyRandom Guy20 dni temu
  • Harddddddd

    Uzair HussainUzair Hussain21 dzień temu
  • Peace to the world ✌🏼

    Senzu VazquezSenzu Vazquez21 dzień temu
  • Who did the video 📹👀?

    Pilot8Pilot821 dzień temu
    • @waqas.ghani + @filmsbylevi

      Waqas GhaniWaqas Ghani16 dni temu
  • Fire

    SayinSayin21 dzień temu
  • SPOTIFY?!?!?

    Legend TillLegend Till21 dzień temu
  • WHERE IS THE NEW ALBUM ???????????????

    Brunno LazzarottoBrunno Lazzarotto21 dzień temu
    • I'm waiting too for it for so many time :'(

      Gabriel MourlevatGabriel Mourlevat21 dzień temu
  • i cant breathe i cant breath

    Dareal RetardDareal Retard21 dzień temu
  • Beginning instrumental I neeeeeeeeed

    FG LaFlareFG LaFlare21 dzień temu
  • Legendary

    Ian PIan P21 dzień temu
  • when he said celebrate me like I’m dead already.........I almost threw up

    kenneth hawkinskenneth hawkins22 dni temu
  • cem adrian soundları eklemiş evet kesinlkle

    guneshitguneshit22 dni temu
  • Joey still got it they thought he fell off 🤦‍♂️🔥🔥

    BuntaBunta23 dni temu
  • SIGN UP  Let It Breathe Joey Bada$$ Released as a loosie to celebrate his 26th birthday, “Let It Breathe” is Joey’s first new material… read more » LET IT BREATHE LYRICS [Intro] Love and peace will conquer And clip the wings of evil and unjust (Statik Selektah) You'll see Uh, turn my vocals up Turn my vocals up Yeah [Verse 1] Want you to celebrate me like I'm dead already Like this crown up on my head is heavy Put my picture in the dictionary next to legendary Swear I'm raisin' every bar, and it's like they never ready They thrown' dirt up on my name like I'm already buried Graveyard shifts 'til they put me in the cemеtery Until then I'm gettin' bеtter every January And it's very scary, 2020 vision's never blurry I keep on droppin' all these jewels just like I'm in a hurry Swear to God, I'm never worried (Never) 'Cause that's how you live the misery twice You see, that right there is like the greatest advice You see, it's a few things that I noticed in life Like the fact that everybody got a vice and a price (What else?) 'Cause every man got his weakness (Mm) And all these bars got they sequence (Uh), uh All them hidden scars but I peeped it (Grrat, grrat) Swear to God, that first cut always hit the deepest Never put your guard down and watch who you around My price goin' up every time I put my cigar down I'm a superstar now, hopped in a supercar No such thing as too far now Tell 'em cuckoo broads not to call now (Brrt) They tellin' me to calm down But bein' humble was the worst mistake I ever made Not knowin' my worth was the biggest price I ever paid So 'til I leave this Earth I'ma shine on niggas everyday And I put that on everything I came in this at seventeen and gave the game a weddin' ring We been honeymoonin' since, I think it's time to settle in Go against the God, you could never win I take 'em deep within to a place that they ain't never been [Break] Hol' up, let that shit breathe Uh, let that shit breathe Hm, let that shit breathe Mm, uh, uhm [Verse 2] You niggas all fries, I don't see no threats, uh Look after my dawgs, I'm a fuckin' vet', uh Ain't a nigga that I met who could see me yet Just know my door's always open like a CVS, uh SL500 with the B-B-S, uh Gave that to my cousin 'cause he seemed stressed, uh Guess it's in my genes like a seamstress I told 'em, "Get up out your feelings, nigga, we the best," uh (Who? We) This ain't no DJ Khaled pop BS nah (Listen) That is not a diss, that's one just for the press, uh If I was to flex, that wouldn't be a stretch (Nope) I hold weight in my city, they still ain't see me sweat I lift the whole game with a finger, quarter Use the same finger to finger fuck all the singer girls (Haha, haha) I give her the diamonds but she give me the pearl (Right) I take her abroad so she could see the world [Chorus] I said, "I'm ridin' with my windows down" That's just how I feel right now, that's just how it feels I don't wanna waste no time I just wanna take what's mine, gonna take what's yours I said, "I'm ridin' with my windows down, this is" That's just how I feel right now, that's just how it feels I don't wanna waste no time I just wanna take what's mine, gonna take what's, uh (The world is yours) [Outro] Love and peace will conquer (Love, peace, strength, it got us) And clip the wings of evil and unjust You'll see The world is yours, baby SHARE THE LYRICS “LET IT BREATHE” TRACK INFO Produced ByStatik Selektah Written ByJoey Bada$$ Release DateJanuary 20, 2021 EXPAND TRACK INFO MUSIC VIDEO  GENIUS VIDEO A Look At Hip-Hop’s Love For ‘Dragon Ball’ NEXT UP Brand New 911 JOEY BADA$$ Let It Breathe / Brand New 911* (2021)JOEY BADA$$ 1. Let It Breathe 2. Brand New 911 COMMENTS RDilla13 35,863 3 months ago Joey bout to drop another classic, I can already tell. +27 UPVOTES About Genius Press Advertise Event Space Privacy Policy Licensing Jobs Terms of Use Copyright Policy Contact us Do Not Sell My Personal Information © 2021 Genius Media Group Inc.

    BlancOsamaBlancOsama23 dni temu
  • This a legendary track honestly

    BernardoBernardo23 dni temu
  • Joey going off also, the Rap Game definitely back, Young's going hard now

    Derrick BerryDerrick Berry23 dni temu
  • He's goated idc what anyone says

    Riley Freeman #JPRiley Freeman #JP23 dni temu
  • GT3RS🦎

    Mazda MiataMazda Miata24 dni temu
  • Joeys throwaways are diamonds💿

    NemoNemo24 dni temu
  • Glad this is getting the love it deserves

    Isaiah WakeenIsaiah Wakeen25 dni temu
  • Joey Joey fuuuuucken bada$$ 🔥🔥🔥!!! 8 years later and you're still 🔥 you never disappointed. PLEASE DO COME AGAIN TO SA

    Marley_enhle MabuzaMarley_enhle Mabuza25 dni temu
  • “hold weight In my city ...they still Ain’t seen a Sweat.”

    dave lightSaberdave lightSaber26 dni temu
  • The shelf life of this record is crazy, been coming back since January.

    Deon VaughanDeon Vaughan26 dni temu
  • It reminds me Prodigy of mobb deep - the dough

    Dominik ZeraDominik Zera26 dni temu
  • He's still young

    Mufunwa MudauMufunwa Mudau26 dni temu
  • S P O T I F Y

    WezllyWezlly26 dni temu
  • Love those bell hits on the cymbal

    MoustacheCloudMoustacheCloud27 dni temu
  • Facts since 17 really younger than that can never sleep on bada$$ poet lives foreva

    Patrick TaylorPatrick Taylor27 dni temu
  • Masterpiece! ❤

    Karol IankKarol Iank28 dni temu
  • What is the sample used in the first part I've seen somone talking about a J dilla song but please someone help me find this masterpiece !!

    Berlingeri LucaBerlingeri Luca28 dni temu
  • this better than that whack trap shit

    Makis CarapanayiotisMakis Carapanayiotis28 dni temu
  • Joey's the goat

    KoutaKouta28 dni temu
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Junior SouzaJunior Souza29 dni temu
  • Spotify already 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    MacMac29 dni temu