Trinidad Cardona - Dinero (Lyrics) "she takes my dinero"

15 cze 2021
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Ooh I don't know I don't know
No soy traficante
Pero escucho corridos que juega tomando tecate
Ya dimelo antes
Que si quieres dinero lo siento no tengo

She take my dinero
(Take my dinero)
She take my dinero
(Take my dinero)
She playing hella hard
Playing for pesos
She playing hella hard
Playing for pesos

[Verse 1]
I whip, whip, I'm rolling
I got my money open
She text me good morning
Then I'm ready to go out and buy
Anything that she like
Get whatever's on her mind
Spending money overtime
Oh my

[Verse 2]
I wake myself with the sun of the morning
I play myself with a stunner performance
She take all my money and now she gone
And I'm broke as a bitch and I'm all alone yeah
Trying to ball for this
Wearing the same clothes ,yeah
Trying to stay low, yeah
Looking for pesos, yeah

She take my dinero
(take my dinero)
She take my dinero
(take my dinero)
She playing hella hard
Playing for pesos
She playing hella hard
Playing for pesos

[Verse 3]
I'm with her rolling
My heart is broken
My money's stolen
My shawty is so bad
I'm ready to go out and buy
Anything that she like
Get whatever's on her mind
Spending money overtime oh my

Take my dinero
(Take my dinero)
She take my dinero
(Take my dinero)
She playing hella hard
Playing for pesos
She playing hella hard
Playing for pesos

[Chorus Altered]
She taking taking t-taking my din din din my din din din dinero
She taking my dinero (dinero dinero)
T-Taking my dinero (dinero dinero)
She playing hella hard
She taking my dinero (dinero dinero)
T-Taking my dinero (dinero dinero)

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