ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) ‘Drunk-Dazed’ MV Reaction (ENG/JPN)

2 maj 2021
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  • Heeseung's face after seeing blood showed- trauma😂

    Tanya TyagiTanya Tyagi9 godzin temu
  • Look at their smiles just appearing when K and EJ showed up :')

    Miana♡♡Miana♡♡15 godzin temu
  • this was very entertaining to watch

    Lindsey AriasLindsey Arias18 godzin temu
  • when its suppose to be blood Them : tomato festival I- 😭♥

  • Literally, Jay has JB's vibe my gosh. (JB's Got7)

    Danara Ann MeanaDanara Ann MeanaDzień temu
  • 6:43 look at Jungwon’s eyebrow wOw

    I think HedgehogI think Hedgehog2 dni temu
  • Let's go home Still lol 5:36

    Anny KhanAnny Khan3 dni temu
  • What ..... He say who are you l say l am girl 4:59

    Anny KhanAnny Khan3 dni temu
  • May I know who s that blonde guy??

    Bangtan_girl_ NaileenaBangtan_girl_ Naileena3 dni temu
    • @Bangtan_girl_ Naileena Welcome to be an Engene ( Enhypen fandom name)

      foodie twicefoodie twice3 dni temu
    • @foodie twice thanks I am new to enhyphen I am an army

      Bangtan_girl_ NaileenaBangtan_girl_ Naileena3 dni temu
    • Sunoo

      foodie twicefoodie twice3 dni temu
  • just sunoo being inlove with himself

    gay for lalisagay for lalisa3 dni temu
  • 9:06 Jay's reaction to Jungwon exposing Heesung ripped pants is gold. And Heeseung: I was full of passion🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Atiny _wooyoungAtiny _wooyoung3 dni temu
  • lol they look like watching a horor movie

    Samara KomatsuSamara Komatsu4 dni temu
  • Sunghoon did great

    sumai yarhsumai yarh5 dni temu
  • Can someone please let me know who are K and Ej

    Alla armystayAlla armystay5 dni temu

    BurçinBurçin5 dni temu
  • The fact :even they watched it again and again imagined how mny times engene's would watch it..... I swear ihve watch more than 10 times 💜😅

    marie_memarie_me5 dni temu
  • 4:24 JAJFJLAJFJAKD no me habia dado cuenta de la cara de sunoo akfhaoc

    koz8umekoz8ume6 dni temu
  • i love thiss😭😭❤

    Shane AbenojaShane Abenoja6 dni temu
  • Your hard work will pay. Engene is with you. ❤

    Asmita NarotraAsmita Narotra6 dni temu
  • If Sunoo stares at me like the way he's doing throughout the whole video... I'll die of shortness of breath.

    Asmita NarotraAsmita Narotra6 dni temu
  • I just found out, the part with all of them looking at the girl on the platform in the uniform. Was that a big hint to their next song or no? To be honest I don't know 😅

    Eila NightingaleEila Nightingale6 dni temu
  • Up

    given taken BY ENHYPENgiven taken BY ENHYPEN7 dni temu
  • Up

    given taken BY ENHYPENgiven taken BY ENHYPEN7 dni temu
  • 307

    given taken BY ENHYPENgiven taken BY ENHYPEN7 dni temu
  • Pas terakhir tadi Niki cium lehernya Jake😭

    Fatimah AzzahraFatimah Azzahra7 dni temu
  • The stare in Jay's eyes are like 😳

    JungwonJungwon9 dni temu
  • I'm an ARMY idk wht im doing here.

    A NameA Name9 dni temu
  • Jungwon please date me like im literally begging you like ill literally do anything we are so compatible i love you so much please im begging you i knownwe are across the earth but it doesnt matter ill travel every sea for you ill travel for days just to see your beautifully sculpted god like face in person i love you so much pleaseee emarry me i am begging you i literally love you i love y ou i love you i love you. i love you so much 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    soysoy10 dni temu
  • 5:27 Jungwon!! 😩

    Skarut : uwuSkarut : uwu10 dni temu

    Harjeen Leith QuiapeHarjeen Leith Quiape10 dni temu
  • Enhypen 🩹 Engene.

    daiana grzdaiana grz10 dni temu
  • Jake, the love of my life.🧁🌸

    daiana grzdaiana grz10 dni temu
  • Jay, the best boy.😫💗

    daiana grzdaiana grz10 dni temu
  • Ni-Ki, I love you so much.🤍🍥

    daiana grzdaiana grz10 dni temu
  • Handsome boys.🧸🤎

    daiana grzdaiana grz10 dni temu
  • This MV was just masterpiece. Especially Sunghoon's room scene was scary but at the same time mesmerizing? amazing? wonderful? EVERYTHING WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL

    Just Some-oneJust Some-one11 dni temu
  • At the end after seeing the girl they were like, who are you? Lmao😂

    Tea For YouTea For You11 dni temu
  • Oh lord jay is so beautiful

    LuannaLuanna11 dni temu
  • 🖤

    ᴏʀɪᴏɴᴏʀɪᴏɴ11 dni temu
  • Sunoo really handsome maybe ı can fall in love :)

    ᴋᴇғɪʀ ixᴋᴇғɪʀ ix11 dni temu
  • Why anybody not say? SUNOO SO HANDSOME AMK

    ᴋᴇғɪʀ ixᴋᴇғɪʀ ix11 dni temu
  • Im curious about the girl!!!!! 😱 I mean who is sheeeeeee♥️♥️♥️

    dA' cousindA' cousin12 dni temu
  • My babys

    tomorrow x togethertomorrow x together13 dni temu
  • bener2 kek nonton film dah,, hemm dipenuhi dengan teori

    post I'llpost I'll14 dni temu
  • Jake you did a great job

    Erich PearlErich Pearl14 dni temu
  • ليش احسهم حساسين مع سونو وسونو كانو منبوذ ؟؟

    # Shahad Al-ansari39𖤐.# Shahad Al-ansari39𖤐.14 dni temu
  • 🤣👏👏👏👏👏

    Bangtan_ShrimpBangtan_Shrimp14 dni temu
  • 5:28 jake : "lets go" (in australian dialect) 5:29 when jungwon repeat "lets gouuy" 5:40 he reapeted 😂 hahahahah lol

    Nazira ZulaikaNazira Zulaika14 dni temu
  • I’m dying watching this they sound like strangers reacting to a random kpop group like WOAH, what’s that? BOI THIS IS YOUR MUSIC VIDEO.

    Lxana ALxana A15 dni temu
  • did the caption really said TOMATO FESTIVAL?! I can't stop laughing

    Shanen NicoleShanen Nicole15 dni temu
  • This song gives me blood sweat and tears vibes.........the concepts are quite similar for me.....

    Jimin BTSJimin BTS15 dni temu

    Mari HeartfiliaMari Heartfilia15 dni temu
  • I can only imagine how much pressure there is to the idols when reacting to their songs cause they don't know if they did well enough or are their lines evenly distributed, I mean, for enhypen that's impossible

    2xbarret2xbarret16 dni temu
  • 5:27 his Aussie accent 😩😩😩 and jungwon too😩😩😩 i like it!!

    Honeydew 🍈Honeydew 🍈16 dni temu
  • Proud ENGENE here💖

    Queen RamosoQueen Ramoso16 dni temu
  • Oh my babies its you guys in the video itself...why are they sooo adorable.... >< uWu

    Kim Daisy X FictionsKim Daisy X Fictions16 dni temu
  • xd

    buraianburaian17 dni temu

    KimTaeTaeHyung BTSisLifeuKimTaeTaeHyung BTSisLifeu17 dni temu
  • Cutee mundey❤️

  • I'm sorry Engenes but I always think sunoo is the maknae bcuz he's too pure!! 😭✨

    Raiding BanditRaiding Bandit17 dni temu

    hopeless machihopeless machi17 dni temu
  • No se si han visto el anime diabolik lovers, pero me hace acordar a eso la parte donde todos estan viendo a la chica parada con vestido, como si ella fuera su >EVA< o algo asi :,)

    EsmeraldaEsmeralda17 dni temu
  • Jay is so freakin sexy and handsome His acting was so great too im shock This boy is so talented !!! Pls give him more highlight part The world should notice this the next gen of worldwide handsome man!!!!!!!!!

    Ren CRen C18 dni temu
  • 0:54 Niki's laugh so cute

    B.NeviyaB.Neviya18 dni temu
  • I was looking for niki the entire time to only realize he now has purple hair

    do you know onionhayseodo you know onionhayseo18 dni temu

    do you know onionhayseodo you know onionhayseo18 dni temu
  • I have this great feeling that ENHYPEN will be achieving many huge successes 😊😊

    Gayatri SawantGayatri Sawant18 dni temu
  • Heeseung's face when the blood starts poring lol he truly is not a fan of horror 😅

    Tersh OzoaTersh Ozoa19 dni temu
  • Quiero subtitulos en español 😢😯

    Camila Martínez Camargo 8ACamila Martínez Camargo 8A19 dni temu
  • I can't skip the ad 🙂 it's enhypen 🙂

  • они такие счастливые :3

    bitter_ glowbitter_ glow19 dni temu
  • 22222222🤍👍🏻

    mimimimimimimimi19 dni temu
  • 4:58 why did sunoo look so disgusted😭

    gabriella moraligabriella morali19 dni temu
  • Can anyone let me know the name of the member on the far left with black hair? And also is he Australian by any chance ? because when he said “Let’s go” it sounded very Aussie lmao.

    DaniBulletDaniBullet19 dni temu
    • @wela ela ela eh eh Thank you!!♡

      DaniBulletDaniBullet18 dni temu
    • his name is Jake (sim jaeyun) and yes he's an Australian.

      wela ela ela eh ehwela ela ela eh eh19 dni temu
  • Gaurrr

    hllwoniehllwonie19 dni temu
  • enjaipeeeeennnnnnn

    Eduardo MoonEduardo Moon19 dni temu
  • Sunoo Handsome😍😍

    Ezra DinanEzra Dinan19 dni temu
  • Kuy

    Lala SakilaLala Sakila19 dni temu
  • 💚💚💚

    iasminiasmin19 dni temu
  • 1:30 NO CUZ JUNGWON EVALUATING HIMSELF IS SCARY iejnafuijohneujfhnuajehfuja

    pastelic •pastelic •20 dni temu
  • ENHYPEN!!!!! Son increibles!!!!

    NaniNani20 dni temu
  • This is look like a horror movie..

    VantaechelVantaechel20 dni temu
  • heeseung's face when he saw the blood part, same heeseung same, I have hematophobia too :( I just can't see that scene

    stan seventeenstan seventeen20 dni temu
  • came a Drunk-Dazed commercial for me kkkk

    LaryLary20 dni temu
  • heeseung's expression everytime the bloody scene appear like "eww, wth is that"

    Vanilla MinVanilla Min20 dni temu
  • YOW I was enjoying the video but then I got kind of pissed when an ad popped up. The funny thing is the ad was Enhypen dancing Drunk-Dazed.

    yUWUnyUWUn20 dni temu
  • If there’s a funny moment in every MV the first one to laugh is Jungwon lmao so cute🥰

    Janera AhmadJanera Ahmad20 dni temu
  • Enhypen being scared of their own music video

    miia bmsmiia bms20 dni temu
  • video : reaction to mv drunk dazed ads : drunk dazed dance me : never skip

    balqisnorizam05 _balqisnorizam05 _20 dni temu
  • I reacted the same jajajajaj

    Dania Favela LopezDania Favela Lopez20 dni temu
  • I'm so proud of Enhypen!!! They all did so good and are performing so well!! FIGHTING!!! ❤💜❤💜

    Ashley ScottAshley Scott20 dni temu
  • ni-ki casually saying he's sleeping at the last scene hahahah, ni-ki youre always sleeping hahahhaha

    Lili FeeLili Fee20 dni temu
  • this is so funny to me because enhypen is the only bg that i saw who reacts quietly to their mv and focuses on listening to the music

    kyuflavorkyuflavor20 dni temu
  • I love you jay nhypen so cute and sunooo

    Zaman PurbaZaman Purba20 dni temu
  • Esses meninos são muito fofos❤️😻👏👏👏

    Katia CristinaKatia Cristina20 dni temu
  • 2:06

    ZZ21 dzień temu
  • I like Jake accent.

    Hafiz HassanHafiz Hassan21 dzień temu
  • Amazing song Love from Pakistan

    Haroon ahmadHaroon ahmad21 dzień temu
  • I got the ad of this song!

    Kyana ThienpontKyana Thienpont21 dzień temu

    • Here

      Weeekly EnhypenWeeekly Enhypen21 dzień temu