ENGSUB Weekly Idol EP511 Enhypen

12 maj 2021
812 166 wyświetleń

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  • wow the two vids came from Philippines they soo lucky SANAOL and the lil gurl soo cuteeee

    You got no jam!You got no jam!10 godzin temu
  • I really had fun watching this lmao

    AayaAayaDzień temu
  • Someone tell me why I kept my eyes open for more than 100 seconds even I’m surprosed

    marshmallowmarshmallowDzień temu
  • Hii umm can i download this plss

    Mariel RodrigoMariel RodrigoDzień temu
  • i'm so proud of the french engene, she represented us

    JeanneJeanneDzień temu
  • math is my favourite though.........memorizing things is not my thing haha

    MegMegDzień temu
  • I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm a bit sad and angry that Enhypen haven't eaten in here just like all the groups does. I know that they've failed the game, but still...😣 Can you relate guys?

    Valerie BarolaValerie Barola2 dni temu
  • Anong feeling ng mahal ka ni God ate?😭

    Mariel AllauiganMariel Allauigan2 dni temu
  • sunwoo

    axieraxier2 dni temu
  • Due to laughing so hard I got hurt in my shoulder and I have to go for a checkup 😭😭

    infires man infiresinfires man infires2 dni temu
  • Everytime Sunghoon appears: Caption:(Here comes the Prince)

    DaisukiDaisuki3 dni temu
  • i couldn't take the 'pick your daddy' part seriously lmao

    allysonallyson3 dni temu
  • Wow I like this new MCs better than donnie and that other guy in shades.

  • Jay always my main attention since I-Land & glad he debuted with the group. For Given-Taken Jay's main part is also my favorite. The members always like Jungwon which the main reason he becomes the leader and he also listen well to everyone. For me, if I need to choose who is the members to become my son, I want to adopt them all as my sons. They are so precious.

    MrS LeaMrS Lea3 dni temu
  • The comment from India is actually from a Nepali ENGENE as the last name is shown as “Shrestha” ✨✨✨

    Shriya ShresthaShriya Shrestha3 dni temu
  • Idk why but enhypen with kwang hee looks like a father with his sons, its so cute 😭

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ MoaZen•Deobiʕ•ᴥ•ʔ MoaZen•Deobi3 dni temu
  • 37:17 lmao riki was busy teasing sunoo that's why he didn't hear the host😭 37:23 look at how he looked back at sunoo while giggling not knowing the host is already watching them lmao WJDBJSBSBSHS

    - jin -- jin -4 dni temu
  • Mantab lah reaksi kleaann wkwkwk

    Mutiara NFMutiara NF4 dni temu

    reesereese4 dni temu
  • Even I would choose Jungwon if the engene's are given a chance to choose husband 😅🤣... Hope this comes true 🤩💜

    marie_memarie_me4 dni temu
  • Jay looks like arata mackenyu

    一千花藤岡一千花藤岡5 dni temu
  • So many talented ENGENES in the Philippines. I'm proud 😍💜

    Lyx BzLyx Bz5 dni temu
  • Girl from India you are lucky I'm happy for you ❤❤❤🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Tuba AteeqTuba Ateeq5 dni temu
  • 🥰💜

    Early syEarly sy5 dni temu
  • yess filipino engenes LET'S GOOO

    jersie nicolejersie nicole5 dni temu
  • Lololol... Everyone wants the leader as son😂 this was cute... Nd the tagger game was so fun😂I love Kwang Hee

    Barnini SarkarBarnini Sarkar6 dni temu
  • The hosts are hilarious 😆😆

    Agent JasylAgent Jasyl6 dni temu
  • at this point, sunghoon just want jake to be his family member

    shuahanniejunshuahanniejun6 dni temu
  • 8:48 okay but Jay is That member

    shuahanniejunshuahanniejun6 dni temu
  • 40:04 Leaving a timestamp cuz Jay is cute

    AnjaliTanyaAnjaliTanya7 dni temu
  • Why do I feel like they skipped some questions from some countries????? Is it just me???

    Naeem SarfarazNaeem Sarfaraz7 dni temu
  • omg they saw fans reactions 😂😭 also jungwon is, in fact, the son.

    dia ziadia zia7 dni temu
  • 24:24 why'd they word the subs like that though

    Celia FoxCelia Fox7 dni temu
  • It's a shame I didn't hear about this sooner, so I could send in my fanart T.T Also, how did I know Sunghoon would pick Jake as his son lol

    Wonderful EdenWonderful Eden8 dni temu
  • 28:17 me when I study for stats class

    Venus ParkVenus Park8 dni temu
  • I‘m a German Engene💕💕

    Multi StanMulti Stan8 dni temu
  • Enhypen: ugh we hate math Jake: 👁👄👁

    ChelsChels8 dni temu
  • anyone realize that they skipped america and mexico’s question?

    slxwscøreslxwscøre8 dni temu
  • i just started stanning enhyphen even tho ive been with them since debut, and i literally love them so much

    valerievalerie8 dni temu
  • Guess I am the only fan from Turkey❤

    Doğa TaşçıDoğa Taşçı8 dni temu
  • 35:47

    Kylle Daphny SimoganKylle Daphny Simogan8 dni temu

    Bianca MamadraBianca Mamadra8 dni temu
  • The hosts are so nice

    KeioticマリーKeioticマリー9 dni temu
  • Very funny ep

    Sneha GaurSneha Gaur9 dni temu
  • There's no Enhypen if there's not a SungHoon screaming his lungs out, lol.

    fer ♡fer ♡9 dni temu
  • Jake is so fragile, want to protecc at all costs.

    fer ♡fer ♡9 dni temu
  • JungWon is the son everyone wishes to have, that's why we adopted him.

    fer ♡fer ♡9 dni temu
  • Heeseung looked so devastated when Jungwon didn’t pick him as his dad😂😂

    Ann CabrasAnn Cabras9 dni temu
  • this is the funnest weekly idol episode ever 😩

    yutaaayutaaa10 dni temu
  • How they look soo good with just one take Selfie

    S.O.SS.O.S10 dni temu
  • we LOVE these hosts

    aka sapphaka sapph10 dni temu
  • I loved how the hosts played the game with the boys and it seemed like enhypen really enjoyed it too. It is always in the comments but I'm gonna say it again : love the hosts !!!

    Kikas GotjéKikas Gotjé10 dni temu
  • 18:15 cutie JAY🥰❤️

    Mary Joy GodoyMary Joy Godoy10 dni temu
  • Ni-Ki is so cute for pointing it out HAHAH He's a kid after all.

    StarlightsStarlights11 dni temu

    love ppplove ppp11 dni temu
  • I love you enhypen❤❤😘

    love ppplove ppp11 dni temu
  • their always genuine something you can't compare to other group.

    Janice ApasJanice Apas11 dni temu
  • they're treating them so well :( i feel so happy that they weren't mistreated at those programs as much as bts were :( enhypen fighting~

    maybe no ellimaybe no elli11 dni temu
  • Ang dame kong tawa sa dalawang host na to, and nakaka proud kase meron akong na kita na dalawang pilipina representing ENGENE

    Reina Rose ReyesReina Rose Reyes11 dni temu
  • They are so adorable

    TrusfratedTrusfrated11 dni temu
  • 35:33

    Anna MaiAnna Mai11 dni temu
  • 4:41 Why does this remind me of when he wore the frog eye mask for Chamber 5 ahahaha

    Nicole PasiaNicole Pasia11 dni temu
  • Why they didn't answer Mexico? 🇲🇽☹️

    La MañachupacolasLa Mañachupacolas12 dni temu
  • I'm watching here for enhyuk ❤️

    K-pop IdolK-pop Idol12 dni temu
  • tbh it think Enhypen and Oneus will be a great mash up on weekly idol

    YurRrRrRrT ShenesssYurRrRrRrT Shenesss12 dni temu
  • 19:01 I’m weeeeaaak 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈🙈🙈🤣🤣🙈🙈🤣🤣

    AamiraAamira12 dni temu
  • The host are very comfortable with them 😍😍😍💜

    Anu RadhaAnu Radha13 dni temu
  • 45:27 the moment when eunhyuk hug sunghoonie 🤣🤣🤣🤣 SO LUCKY HYUKKIE 🤣😂

    tae gucciboytae gucciboy13 dni temu
  • 20:50 that's totally me watching every enhypen video 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

    tae gucciboytae gucciboy13 dni temu
  • im not gonna say but my niece 2years old also like to watch their drunk dazed live 🤣😂

    tae gucciboytae gucciboy13 dni temu
  • Bien joué Lana

    Emma FlaFręEmma FlaFrę13 dni temu
  • 19:08 why is it Nam Jungwon-

    Lilyy NguyennLilyy Nguyenn13 dni temu
  • Mabuhay Philippines!

    Ellah AbadEllah Abad13 dni temu
  • Wait till they know I'm older than all of them😂help

    Minghaoreos the8Minghaoreos the813 dni temu
  • JAY is really giving off the vibe of LEVI ACKERMAN

    Queenie HadjimohammadQueenie Hadjimohammad14 dni temu
  • 8:47 jay and niki HAHAHAHAAH

    Krysia RiveraKrysia Rivera15 dni temu
  • Jungson

    sapphireberrysapphireberry15 dni temu
  • HEESEUNG is the ace and the hosts knew it.

  • 08:48 niki was giving a high five but savage Jay did a scissor 😭😭😭

    Eaindray Khin PhyuEaindray Khin Phyu15 dni temu
  • mcs eunhyuk and kwanghee are so fun and nice :((( thank you for making enha laugh and feel comfortable

    lyndsaylyndsay15 dni temu
  • Anyone else notice they skipped questions?

    Marie AndersonMarie Anderson15 dni temu
  • mapang asar si jay HAHAHA

    mherylyn_19mherylyn_1916 dni temu

    mherylyn_19mherylyn_1916 dni temu

    Rui CambaRui Camba16 dni temu
  • Watching Kwanghee really make me remember about Jhope all the time 🤣

    alfriantialfrianti16 dni temu
  • These guys, jessi, and jaejae are the only hosts that make idols comfy and they're not rude. I approve of them

    soundofCHEOLsoundofCHEOL16 dni temu
  • Heeseung ❤️❤️❤️

    MARS 0_0MARS 0_016 dni temu
  • Indonesia's fans are noticed by them, im so happy 🥺❤️

    nefa mutiaranefa mutiara16 dni temu
  • sunoo, i enjoyed watching you laugh ♡

    claraclara16 dni temu
  • Is it me or heesung imitates jake’s accent 🥺🥺

    JinHitEntertainementJinHitEntertainement16 dni temu
  • that french fan who did a cover of given taken was AMAZING she could totally be an idol and she’s super pretty too

    neutral yooneutral yoo16 dni temu
  • Ang saya lang kasi di na nila naabutan yung dating dalawang mc 👀

    J MJ M16 dni temu
  • 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 this is my favorite show for … wait… wait… why is kwanghee here? Damn, am I that old? I been gone from the kpop scene that long? Whyyyyyyyyy. I miss my big man duo. Ah well, Ive loved Kwanghee since WGM 😂

    InvisibleRenInvisibleRen16 dni temu
  • Jay looks like a modern and alive levi😂

    Kent Richie BocalaKent Richie Bocala17 dni temu
  • I like the choreography of drunk daze.

    sakura parassakura paras17 dni temu
  • (The dads that failed) LMFAAAAOOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣

    Helpmereach100kwithnovideos TyHelpmereach100kwithnovideos Ty17 dni temu
  • oh no im becoming an engene i lost it when it was pick your daddy part hahahahhahah

    whinythepoopwhinythepoop17 dni temu
  • i cant stop laughing when sunghoon continues drinking nbsjadfjashdfj

    aiini cchiatoaiini cchiato17 dni temu
  • That jaw line 42:33 wow

    Cedie ACedie A17 dni temu
  • i saw the Algerian flag 🇩🇿and i was sooo happy but they didn't read the question ❓ why !

    YUKI NUNYUKI NUN17 dni temu