Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above (Live)

2 mar 2021
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New album, "The Battle at Garden's Gate," available 4.16.21

Heat Above:


Connect with Greta Van Fleet:
The Peaceful Army:

Created and directed by Rob Sinclair at Sinclair / Wilkinson
Multi camera director: Mark Haney at Black Bear
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  • Beautiful ♥️

    mary huffmanmary huffman55 minut temu
  • Greta Van Fleet & Liliac to favorite new music!! Rock on!!

    Chris BiroChris Biro2 godzin temu
  • Rad

    kelsey smithkelsey smith4 godzin temu
  • Gretta Van Fleet is a whole lotta love, they are keeping Rock alive.Kudos to them.I hope they perserve themselves and don't let all the publicity and music trappings dont seperate them from their first love , making music on there own terms.Play on!!!!

    Michael ValadezMichael Valadez6 godzin temu
  • Which uncultured swine disliked something this beautiful lol

    Dj TeeksDj Teeks6 godzin temu
  • A dare? Listen. Then exlain how you believe this band is a Led Zeppelin want-to-be.

    John ZimmermanJohn Zimmerman8 godzin temu
  • Started out as Robert Plant... now this kid has Geddy Lee's voice and Freddie Mercury's range. Call 'em rip offs if you want, but who cares...this is great stuff.

    Peter HamiltonPeter Hamilton10 godzin temu
  • ❤️🎸❤️ Love you guys from my home State Michigan Rock On Brothers 🤘🏻

    Mike GoodlockMike Goodlock14 godzin temu
  • I’m 17 and can’t stop listening to this song!

    Kaleb SchenfieldKaleb Schenfield18 godzin temu
  • Wea mala

    javier munozjavier munoz18 godzin temu
  • They deserve everything that comes their way. Incredible.

    Michael KennedyMichael Kennedy22 godzin temu
  • Micidiali 💖😎

    Livio CaprettiLivio Capretti22 godzin temu
  • Sooo beautiful guys, love you so much!!!

    Laura WattersLaura WattersDzień temu
  • My favorite song of greta, congratulations!! Sounds great, greata van fleet!

    Alfon .L.FAlfon .L.FDzień temu
  • Incredibile performance! 👏 bravo boys🎶

    melo_kielmelo_kielDzień temu
  • This singer sounds more Frank DiMino than Robbie Plant. Go listen to the first Angel album and try to tell me I’m wrong!

    Mike GMike GDzień temu
  • Some how this reminds me of a Rush song for some reason, maybe the singer I don't know. MAN I wish my hair was as thick as this drummers is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    old guyold guyDzień temu
  • Speechless.

    jjjjDzień temu
  • Great music, just got to change the outfits, whoever thinks these work is just wrong

    Gator LowGator LowDzień temu
  • Yes you sound like ur from the 70’s you sound amazing and i am only ten

    Pepin FamilyPepin FamilyDzień temu
  • Outstandingly breathtakingly awesome 🤘

    MrLaughs66MrLaughs66Dzień temu
  • 🖤

    paula78fulpaula78fulDzień temu
  • Hammer

    Hermann GiefelHermann GiefelDzień temu

    Amador FernandezAmador FernandezDzień temu
  • Blown away by this song and performance! Every nuance, amazing guys!

    Curtis. EvansCurtis. EvansDzień temu
  • I love this band and his voice is amazing! But that 70's

    Roxanne VRoxanne VDzień temu
  • If they do not play this at my funeral I am not coming..

    martin voskuijlmartin voskuijlDzień temu
  • Fantastico non ho parole

    Paola GranettoPaola GranettoDzień temu
  • this song is 24 hours long.

    stillBLACKandWHITEstillBLACKandWHITE2 dni temu
  • You cannot tell me these guys are choosing their clothes, and, that they don't have someone else dressing them up. These guys are props. Pretty much useless once your all dressing according to your bloody costume designer. Talk about contrived.

    Aeon MouseAeon Mouse2 dni temu
    • this is their job. this is their life. a life that youre very envious of; obviously.

      Nick PerkinsNick Perkins10 godzin temu
  • I just discovered them and I'm obsessed!!! Not usually my type of music at all!! 💖

    Sandy KSandy K2 dni temu
  • *Is this not their old drummer..?* 🤔

    J. GonaJ. Gona2 dni temu
  • I heard this song one time and now I cannot stop listening to it. And this band. And wow. Just wow.

    Katie GerlachKatie Gerlach2 dni temu
  • They sound like who? You are full of💩

    Carol CraineCarol Craine2 dni temu
  • My number 1 band is zep, I wouldn’t be a grade 8 musician if it wasn’t hearing them when I was young. But it annoys me how zep fans say these guys are copying. Why does it matter? A young band bringing the rock back on our radio rather than the shit we usually get.

    Ben McGawBen McGaw2 dni temu
  • These guys rock!

    annabellaannabella2 dni temu
  • Awesome throwback to the future. Old school, hard rock 70's style, highly-voiced vocal you can't understand, bare-feet, outrageous outfits, Hammond organ, lead guitar - and drums. Love it.

    Jamie VesayJamie Vesay2 dni temu
  • masterpiece

    LucyLucy2 dni temu
  • Just discovered these guys last week and they are amazing the perfect mix between Rush ,Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin

    Cédric Prud'hommeCédric Prud'homme2 dni temu
  • Greta Van Fleet, I think u guys are totally amazing. I cant stop listen to ur songs. No needs for autotune because u also sound live just beautiful. I hope u will get all the success because u deserve it! I wish u all the best and hope for more great songs. Greetings from germany

    Urschel DoreenUrschel Doreen2 dni temu
  • Amazing!! Long live Rock!!!!

    Blue RiverBlue River2 dni temu

    Jason RJason R2 dni temu
  • no-one's calling them a led zeppelin wanna be now, this has captured the essence of the 70's and yet is still so original and unique

    MetalTBagMetalTBag2 dni temu
  • Greta van fleet wtf I think they have some magical powers lol amazing my favourite band 'original, unique in today's music scene and the talent as musicians is class 👌

    David JamesDavid James2 dni temu
  • Drummer botched that intro that’s so perfectly done on the studio track :( ... Definitely weakest link in the band.

    Owen JacobsOwen Jacobs2 dni temu
  • I'm 47 years old, I've heard rock all my life, the jewels of the 70's 80's 90's and from there everything has plummeted, regueton and urban music unfortunately are the kings, almost everyone wants to hear that crap; these guys is the best I've heard in recent years, I have faith in the new generations hahaha, Rock, never dies!

    Juan Manuel Apam CastillejaJuan Manuel Apam Castilleja2 dni temu
  • I love you bros

    Dino ArcoraciDino Arcoraci2 dni temu
  • Hearing this song for the first time but it sounds like it could be the recorded version. The band has really found their sound and is thriving! Any concert with these dudes is worth going to, I know.

    Cody MorlockCody Morlock3 dni temu
  • simplesmente perfeito, é tudo

    Beatriz NaperBeatriz Naper3 dni temu
  • Masterpiece!

    Jeff HollidayJeff Holliday3 dni temu
  • Key bass?

    Ben BarnettBen Barnett3 dni temu
  • Beautiful, absolutely fricken amazing! So nice to see a great band again.

    Jackie SteppJackie Stepp3 dni temu
  • Esses garotos estão de parabéns...a quanto eu não me empolgava com uma banda nova como a desses meninos. Longa vida ao rock n' roll🤘🏻

    Fábio ValimFábio Valim3 dni temu
  • Love this band. The singer is the only person that can dress like a time traveling pimp.

    Joseph MarshallJoseph Marshall3 dni temu
  • I'm 59, and I had heard the name before, knew basically who they were. A guy on a radio talk show mentioned them yesterday, and I have listened to them now for twenty four hours. Blown away. The future is bright folks, never fear!

    Mark JonesMark Jones3 dni temu
  • This is how greatness looks!

    ZeusZeus3 dni temu
  • Good to see Frodo Baggins moving on after lord of the rings. Nice career switch.

    Alessandro VinoAlessandro Vino3 dni temu
  • Il bassista dov'è perché non è nel video?

    Giorgio FerraroGiorgio Ferraro3 dni temu
  • First time hearing this band and i think that they are great but i do think that they would benefit from adding a bassist to the line up.

    GraemeGraeme3 dni temu
  • I dig it.

    mrme300mrme3004 dni temu
  • Omg

    nacy gassnacy gass4 dni temu
  • I can't wait to see GVF live again! They're really growing into their own sound. Raw real rock, baybeee!!!

    Josh SzarkeJosh Szarke4 dni temu
  • When they first came out I was hating on them a little bit, thought they were a Led Zeppelin copy but THIS is onto something else. They are coming into their own. And they are from my Home State!!!

    KillaCrossover318KillaCrossover3184 dni temu
  • Gorgeus, 1970 is modern, is now

    Alberto OliveroAlberto Olivero4 dni temu
  • DOA!

    Blue RockerBlue Rocker4 dni temu
  • Wow, good job as always. Keep it up.

    michel51 Michał Bednarekmichel51 Michał Bednarek4 dni temu
  • Uwielbiam..

    Ewelina T.Ewelina T.4 dni temu
  • Cudo 👌

    Ewelina T.Ewelina T.4 dni temu
  • The band is starting to find their own way and their own stylistics, maturing very well. I think Greta van Fleet is the best thing to happen to rock in a long time!

    Star TravelerStar Traveler4 dni temu
  • Can’t wait to see where they are in 10 years time

    Sam WhiteleySam Whiteley4 dni temu
  • I'd really like to see these guys with some more mileage on the clock, I have a very real feeling they are going to get even better with time and age.....:):)

    Paul MeersaPaul Meersa5 dni temu
  • Psychedelic, progressive and glam rock in 2021, amazing!

    lyrics ITAlyrics ITA5 dni temu
  • Never really listened to led zep but this was on the local rock and metal radio station and I immediately loved it and played it like 5x in the last hr already.

    michyun omichyun o5 dni temu
  • i love this so much it’s unexplainable

    Haven ღHaven ღ5 dni temu
  • BadAss players,All of them!

    Gretchen FoxGretchen Fox5 dni temu
  • Incredible!!!

    Fernando IvanovFernando Ivanov5 dni temu
  • These guys are the greatest band in Middle-Earth... Seriously, don't they remind you of LOTR characters?

    Oliver ReinkeOliver Reinke5 dni temu
  • can someone make a piano tutorial on this

    Kaleb SchenfieldKaleb Schenfield5 dni temu
  • The the band that will save rock n roll.

    brooks only73brooks only735 dni temu
  • Their parents brought them up with bands that had soul and a solid backbone and they bring that music forth in their songs. It's refreshing to hear young kids like this produce music that doesn't sound like everyone else''s. I'm 55 and was raised on Zeppelin, The doors and such.. I really enjoy these kids.

    JPAL DesignsJPAL Designs5 dni temu
  • The guitar players back is going to eventually give out. I hope they have an occupational therapist on tour with them.

    JPAL DesignsJPAL Designs5 dni temu
  • everything is great except the onesies

    Joseph CoddingJoseph Codding5 dni temu
  • Esses pirralhos são bons demais ❤

    Paloma AlvesPaloma Alves5 dni temu
  • Very "Hammer To Fall-Queen" stand set up

    Imran HarithImran Harith5 dni temu
  • This performance is very reminiscent of Queen, especially in the stage set. The lights seem to be taken directly from "Hammer to Fall". I think it is intended.

    F RF R5 dni temu
  • The 70's are back. No bass player on this... hmmm... Door's style ? Love the Hammond. Not crazy about the SG sound... it comes across as sounding like a fingerhut guitar. The drums sound great. The vocalist has real good pipes... and his style reminds me of a young Greg X Volz.

    Common Sense HillCommon Sense Hill5 dni temu
  • Wow ! Im not a fan of the band but this song is just beautiful, beautifully done mates ! Best wishes

    Anthony G.Anthony G.5 dni temu
  • You no longer need any kind of narcotics to give your daily worries, problems and sorrows a velvet like pillow to let them disappear behind a curtain of mist so they can fade into the background and rest for a while as you listen to the enchanting rock & roll by Greta van Fleet. What an inspiring day God must have had, and how his heart must have been beating like a double bass drum as he imagined this band so he could unleash them into our world. With this new record these guys have proven once again that well-crafted rock & roll never will die as it is the foundation of our musical earthly existence.

    Bodhi VasquezBodhi Vasquez5 dni temu
  • They are starting to accept their sound is what it is... and they are running with it... its beautiful.. just imagine how they might sound in a few years down the line..

    Andy HAndy H6 dni temu
  • For all those 60's/70's freaks who think music is dead, there are still some kids out there who can play, so they sound a bit like a cross between Led Zep and Rush, that aint a bad thing, all power to these lads I hope they go a long way

    Dave FryDave Fry6 dni temu
  • Oh yeah I just discovered you and I like, like sounds I grew listening to late 70s and 80s Styx ,AC/DC,and my favorite of course Led Zeppelin, So be Real ROCK STARS like us folks out here in our 50s and 60s always wanted but didn't 🤘

    jesse sernajesse serna6 dni temu
  • Led Zeppelin ❤

    Luis André Carvalho PiresLuis André Carvalho Pires6 dni temu
  • They are keeping classic rock alive for people like my generation (32) to experience live in concert. 🙏🏽🤘🏽💗✨🎵

    Felisha DFelisha D6 dni temu
  • The darkness change their name???

    slashdotjeoslashdotjeo6 dni temu
  • Du bon vieux rock comme on aime! 👍 👏

    MadMat 47MadMat 476 dni temu
  • Ok, thanks, just was wondering when real music will come back and found these guys...

    Bumpy RoadBumpy Road6 dni temu
  • Sorrows of the Earth May our tears of rain wash down to bathe you This is what life is worth When the fires still burn and rage all around Can you hear that dreadful sound? Fire still burning on the ground Follow the fearsome sound As they march to battle, hear the drums pound We do not fight for war But to save the lives of those who do so Can you hear that dreadful sound? Fire still burning on the ground Can you feel my love? Rising with the heat above Life's the story of Ascending to the stars as one Marching across the land Is a peaceful army joining the band Walking hand in hand To an anthem loudly sung where they stand Can you hear that dreadful sound? Fire still burning on the ground Can you feel my love? Rising with the heat above Life's the story of Ascending to the stars as one.

    Beth DupontBeth Dupont6 dni temu
  • Jesus, what is the deal with singers not wearing shoes? Stop it.

    MonkeydogMonkeydog6 dni temu
    • @Kari Rose “earthy”, whatever. I find it pretentious and silly. Like not wearing a shirt. But, that’s just my opinion, he can do whatever he wants, obviously.

      MonkeydogMonkeydog3 dni temu
    • @monkeydog They are very earthy people. Sam even said in a past interview he likes to feel the vibrations through his feet. Barefoot is the best

      Kari RoseKari Rose3 dni temu
    • @fco Galvi why u care if it bothers me?

      MonkeydogMonkeydog6 dni temu
    • Why does bother u so much?

      fco Galvifco Galvi6 dni temu
  • fantastici.... che sound

    Manuel ForlaniManuel Forlani6 dni temu
  • It's amazing how much he sounds like plant. Why are people complaining about this. It's like getting the new stuff zeppelin couldn't give us.

    SasquatchSasquatch7 dni temu